COA probes into CHR and finds out millions of pesos spent luxuriously

The Commission on Audit (COA) is pretty much aggressive when it comes to auditing government agencies. They serve as the authorities’ seeker of corruption and anomalies like in agencies like the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) which left a paper trail of unliquidated cash advances that amounted to millions in particular with government agencies. CHR Chairman Chito Gascon. Image credit to PhilNews.Ph Roughly P3.6 million of unliquidated cash advances in 2017 alone, hopefully that puts things into perspective. Out of that three million, P1.066 million were employees’ unliquidated cash advances meanwhile P2.565 million were from special disbursing officers. The COA also digged deep and found that CHR of Eastern Visayas issued P122,558 in cash advances even if there were pending liquidations of previous advances. Eastern Visayas-based human rights group, Katungod-Northern Samar led some 30 farmers from the Northern Samar Small Farmers Association (NSSFA). Image credit to The CHR Zamboanga Peninsula, on the other hand, has proven themselves irresponsible with money, advancing cash to employees despite not being properly bonded. The COA remarked that such an act of the recently mentioned branch of the CHR, “…may result to possible loss of government funds.” The Audit agency also advised the CHR to impose a stricter hand on the matter, sanction those who “neglect obligations in handling cash advances in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations.” CHR: Some MNLF men are negotiating with us. Image credit to GMA It was also reported that the human rights agency was also spendthrift when it came to the seminars and meetings that they hold, with a tantamount bill of P5.404 million in just a year, a number that could’ve been reduced if the CHR didn’t play rich and didn’t spend on the participant’s accommodation. “CHR could have minimized the incurrence of substantial amount of training expenses had it either provided training venues within the office premises or utilized available resources and government facilities; or had the agency held the 20 seminars/workshops on a non-residential (live-out) basis,” COA stated.
COA probes into CHR and finds out millions of pesos spent luxuriously COA probes into CHR and finds out millions of pesos spent luxuriously Reviewed by Anne Adams on July 22, 2018 Rating: 5

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