PCOO Undersecretary expresses admiration for Duterte: "This is a man who gets important things done."

Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Undersecretary Lorraine Marie Badoy shared to Facebook what she thought of the reaction of President Rodrigo Duterte when he found out the reason why chicken sold in wet markets are now more expensive than those sold in grocery stores. (PCOO) Undersecretary Lorraine Marie Badoy and President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Facebook and Inquirer According to Badoy, Secretary Sonny Dominguez explained to the president that those in the wet market is more expensive because the owners had to borrow money for usurer at high interest rates in order to buy their produce. This, compared to grocery store owners that have money for capital. He says that this then becomes a circle of debt because less people buy their goods because of their price, and then they also still have to pay their loans. It is a cycle of poverty some people cannot escape. When the president heard this, he allegedly was enraged of the situation, saying that the poor does not deserve this kind of treatment. Badoy said that President Duterte was so mad that he started cursing and demanding a change in the laws of the land in order to address the problem. They then discussed anti-usury laws, that the President said he would attend to immediately in order to help the poor.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Facebook Badoy was moved by this reaction from the president. She said that Duterte was clearly “our defender and protector”. She adds that he is clearly the man for the job and truly believes in his promises and is comforted by the idea that those who are most marginalized will not be left behind by the president. Read her full post: "During the 26th Cabinet meeting, Sec Sonny Dominguez was explaining to the President why chicken sold in the market was more expensive than chicken sold in the groceries. He said it was bec grocery store owners had more capital while wet market vendors had none and had to borrow money from usurers at high interest rates. 5/6, in other words. So they need to patong more yet earn so little –so much less than the already-rich grocery owner and of course the walangyang 5/6’er. They are then unable to get out of these debts. it eats them up so all they do is work to pay for the interest on these loans alone. Then poverty is something they can never climb out of. They get sucked into this dark hole even more. This is how the poor get even poorer. We were having dinner at that time. I looked at the President bec I love watching his reaction when talks turn to the poor getting abused. Sarap talaga kasi yon na yon ang nararamdaman ko. Dakilang Resbak ng Bayan. That’s our President. Like what happened in Yolanda. He was the ONLY govt official who mirrored the rage, the grief, the sorrow I felt while the heartless and incompetent and corrupt Dinky Soliman, Mar Roxas, Noynoy Aquino did NOTHING. Except steal. From the poor. In their darkest hour. I looked at the President and I saw that his face had darkened. He stopped chewing, dropped his fork on his plate and pushed his plate away. Uh-oh, I said. This is gonna be fun. Daming mura. Yon yung dessert namin LOL. He was sooo mad. “This has to stop!”,he said. “What are the laws against this?!”,he asked. He went on and on and on. He was so hurt, almost like a wounded animal. Like a father whose children have been abused and mistreated. President Duterte on the 12th Cabinet Meeting / Photo credit: Manila Bulletin So anti-usury laws were discussed and he vowed he would run after these loan sharks who feed off the desperation and fear of the poor. Wait lang, sabi nya. Aayusin ko to. You know, had you been there, you’d have seen me smile a most beatific smile because I was so comforted. All those years I worked with and for the poor where I felt they had no one but me grieved me—and what really could I give them but precious little? Nothing that could change their lives for better and take them out of poverty really. Because the most powerful ones were the most indifferent towards the most disempowered. And so I basked in the comfort of the President’s tirade. This is a man who gets important things done. You know that song of his that plays as he enters the room? “Ipaglalaban Ko”? That is who our President is. Our defender and protector. More so the defender and protector of those who have no one. If I were engaged in 5/6 now, I’d be quivering in my boots. There can be no real progress if we leave the poor behind. I believe this. I am overjoyed the man we managed to install in the highest office of the land believes this as well and will stop at nothing to snatch the poor out of the jaws of the monster, Poverty. Upward and onward, Philippines!"
PCOO Undersecretary expresses admiration for Duterte: "This is a man who gets important things done." PCOO Undersecretary expresses admiration for Duterte: "This is a man who gets important things done." Reviewed by Unknown on July 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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