Ayon kay Jojo Robles: “Noynoy has a brother, whose mother is not Cory”

Tancha of Jojo, who is in the age of 30's allegedly ex-PNoy's half-brother as a result of his father's nephew Ninoy Aquino with a woman known as "Joy" while turning inside the Military Camp in Manila and Nueva Ecija. He said that Ninoy was pregnant by Joy when he was in San Francisco, California before being killed in 1983 just before he got out of the plane. Jojo said that the 'child out' of the prominent Senator and his current residence in Manila are so famished. It also seems that the two lives of Aquino have never reached the path. Read full post ni Jojo sa kanyang Facebook account: “HOW’S YOUR BROTHER, NOY? Yes, Noynoy has a brother, whose mother is not Cory. The young man, who is in his 30s now, is the result of Ninoy’s dalliance with another woman, whom we shall call “Joy.” He was conceived in San Francisco, CA, right before Ninoy went back to the Philippines in 1983, where he met his bloody death. It was not a one-night stand between Ninoy and Joy, no. The woman frequently visited the Yellow hero even during his incarceration in military camps in Metro Manila and Nueva Ecija. All without Cory, the saint, knowing. I hear Joy’s son married well and is back in Manila. I don’t know if he’s met his famous elder bro. I’m guessing not.” Read ang reaksyon ng mga netizens sa ibaba: Nards Cervantes: I think Cory knows that liaison, she demanded a divorce for which Ninoy viciously objected, while his family was in Boston German Estrada: I guess he doesn’t want to be like the elder brother who tries to be a clone of the father - a “light” version of the original but just as mapapel Ethel Pineda: Cory's not just a saint, she's stupid. Women know when their husbands are fooling around.
Ayon kay Jojo Robles: “Noynoy has a brother, whose mother is not Cory” Ayon kay Jojo Robles: “Noynoy has a brother, whose mother is not Cory” Reviewed by Unknown on September 29, 2018 Rating: 5

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