Balik kulungan: Duterte revokes Trillanes amnesty

Manila, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte revokes amnesty granted to Senator Antonio Trillanes on January 2011, effective immediately as stated under the signed Proclamation 572, as published today, September 4, 2018. The president’s order cited that Trillanes failed to comply with the minimum requirements to qualify under the Amnesty Proclamation. The proclamation voids the proclamation 75 signed by Duterte’s predecessor, Benigno Aquino 3rd, which granted amnesty to Trillanes. Trillanes, led the so-called Oakwood Mutiny and the Manila Peninsula siege against then-president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The president also ordered the Department of Justice and court martial of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to pursue all criminal and administrative charges filed against Trillanes. The military and police were directed to execute arrest of the senator, "so that he can be recommended to the detention facility where he had been incarcerated for him to stand trial for the crimes he is charged with."

Copy of the Proclamation 572 signed by the President
(this is developing story) Source: Philstar
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