Foreign Political Analyst Praises Duterte: “You’re The Best!”

Adam Garrie, a political analyst and founder of the geo-political website Eurasia Future shared his views on how well President Duterte is changing and reshaping the future of the Philippines.


Based on the Facebook post by Para Sa Bayan, Garrie expressed his admiration to the Philippine President for changing the country in so many different ways. His reputation as the tough mayor of Davao City was downplayed because many have doubted if he can do it in a national level. But, he proved his critics wrong, and his all-out war against criminality and drugs are now bearing fruit.

The country is now more peaceful, and many investors are not afraid to pour their investments here because it is safer. This paved the way for more partnerships with other nations.

Serving The People

Adam Garrie also added that despite criticisms from many foreign fronts like the US Congress, the European Union and the UN, the chief executive just kept on “doing what he needs to do and what the Filipino people want him to do.”

He also debunked the accusations that Duterte is not democratic. He said, “The definition of democratic is when you serve the people when you do the will of the people”. Duterte is doing all that, and more.

Rockstar Popularity

The political analyst remarked that President Duterte is more popular than most leaders, like President Trump of the US and Angela Merkel of Germany just to name a few. His popularity is not solely based on his strict Law and Order stance, but also his “Build, Build, Build” program, which creates millions of jobs, and brings further investments to the economy.

Netizen’s Admiration

The video garnered a lot of positive feedback from the netizens. It was shared almost 61K times and elicited more than 2.7K reactions from the people.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

Source: Facebook
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