Former PMA teacher & PN Commodore reveals Shocking story about Trillanes family in social media

A direct remark was shared by Commodore Vicente Cejoco, AFP, PMA class 1982-2013 Outstanding Filipino Soldiers Awardee (TOPS), a was posted by Ernesto Aquino on his Facebook account. As indicated by Cejoco, Trillanes was one of the understudies he took care of at PMA (Philippine Military Academy) as an Engineering teacher. He likewise included that the class of Trillanes had a place with the last PMA cadets he took care of. A while ago when Vicente was as yet the Commander of PMA COMMEL(Communication and Electronics) Company and the COMMEL Staff officer of General Rodolfo "Pong" Gaspar Biazon, he reviewed Antonio's dad, who was the Assistant J-6/Deputy Chief COMMEL AFP, was being labeled as Dumbguard Trillanes IV to his office subsequent to requesting that the PMA Commandants discharge him. Amid the organization level disciplines or "mase-mass", Cejoco said that Trillanes Sr. still had the guts to eat in his office while his mistahs were kicking the bucket in the corridors of Melchor Hall. He likewise included that the Trillanes Sr. what's more, his better half dependably visit Baguio and rest in his room, wherein everything was free.
Photograph from Facebook Antonio Sr. turned into a "merchant provider" of different things at GHQ(General Headquarters), AFP, since transformation and apparition conveyances were wild amid those occasions. Cejoco likewise included that the AFP-PNP phone registry production or DBM SARO (Department of Budget and Management - Special Allotment Release Order) spending plan was additionally encashed and lost in a gambling club and mahjong wagered by Antonio Sr. in only a squint of an eye. As a result of what Trillanes' dad did, Cojeco was entrusted to deliver P1.5 million money for the printing of the AFP Telephone index. Vicente conceded that he was ignorant of what was going on in his office since he was only new to the workplace. "Pagkamalas ko naman, kagaguhan ng Tatay ni Antonio IV ako ang nautusan maghanap ng pera kapalit sa nilustay ng kanyang tatay... (How tragic I was, on account of Antinio IV's dad wrong deed, I was doled out to deliver cash that his dad wager in club)" Through requesting from different business organizations, Cojeco could finish his clench hand assignment. "Swerte nya, perang nilustay ng Tatay nya, napalitan, ang kanilang kagaguhan napagtakpan. (He was fortunate, I could discover cash to conceal the cash that his dad bet)". Cojeco said that Antonio's mom made an organization with some warped PN work force and encashed SARO. She was likewise merchant and affirmed made enchantment offering reports to corner contracts. Read his full post beneath: SHABBY FAMILY?😱 FIRST HAND COMMENT FROM COMMODORE VICENTE CEJOCO, AFP, PMA CLASS 82- 2013 OUTSTANDING FILIPINO SOLDIERS AWARDEE (TOPS). "Trillanes belonged to the most junior and last class of PMA cadtes I handled at PMA as instructor in Engineering subjects. His father- Antonio Sr - PMA class 1959 - was the Asst J-6/ Deputy Chief COMMEL, AFP when I was the Commander of PMA COMMEL Company and the COMMEL Staff officer of GEN BIAZON during his stint as PMA Superintendent. Antonio Trillanes Sr always called Dumbguard Trillanes IV to report to my office after asking the PMA commandant - General Victor Garcia and General Narciso Abaya to release Antonio IV from any duty during Saturdays and Sundays. While his mistahs were dying in the hallways of Melchor Hall during company level punishments or mase-mase, Antonio IV was enjoying in my office cooking and eating lots of boodles along with his 3 room mates. Medyo may pagka shabby/ swapang rin ang mokong na ito. Yung tatay at nanay nya ay palagi umaakyat sa Baguio, sa kwarto ko sa office natutulog. Libre lahat - hatid sundo ko, pakain ko, etc. They usually arrive late Friday afternoon and depart early morning of Monday. When I reported for duty at the Office of the Chief COMMEL. AFP upon request of the Chief COMMEL, AFP. Antonio Trillanes Sr just retired and was a "dealer-supplier" of various items at GHQ, AFP. During those times, conversion and ghost deliveries were rampant and his father was able to convert DBM SARO to cash - the budget intended for AFP-PNP Telephone Directory publication. Unfortunately, that money was used as a bet in the casino and mahjong where Antonio Sr lost everything in a blink of an eyelash. Being new to the office, I never had any idea of what was going on in my office..... My first task then on my first week of duty was how to produce P 1.5 million cash to print the AFP Telephone directory at the time that the converted cash was already lost from Antonio Sr's gambling activities. Pagkamalas ko naman, kagaguhan ng Tatay ni Antonio IV ako ang nautusan maghanap ng pera kapalit sa nilustay ng kanyang tatay...I accomplished my task to produce funds and print the AFP Directory using funds I solicited from various commercial companies. This was upon orders of my superiors and all money solicited to the last centavo were properly accounted for. Swerte nya, perang nilustay ng Tatay nya, napalitan, ang kanilang kagauhan napagtakpan. His mother earned money as a "dealer". She allegedly made magic bidding documents to corner contracts and convert SARO to cash..of course, she did these things in cahoots with some crooked PN personnel.” SARO is uthorization issued by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to an agency, through Agency Budget Matrix (ABM) or Special Allotment Release Order (SARO), which allows the latter to incur obligation for specified amounts contained in a legislative appropriation. Allotment Class. When Trillanes IV was asked about these alleged transactions by his parents, Trillanes just said he doesn't know since he was only high school when these happened.
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