Independent consultant: ‘Trillanes should ne arrested even though he's inside the Senate Building’

An independent consultant by the name of Toby Jamilla shared his unsolicited opinion through a Facebook post on Wednesday, September 5, about the likelihood that Senator Antonio Trillanes should be arrested despite securing refuge within Senate building premises. Similar to that of former Senate Minority Floor Leader Juan Ponce Enrile’s predicament for being a key opposition leader to the late Corazon Aquino, Jamilla asked, “why can’t the arresting officers arrest Antonio Trillanes inside the Senate building?” Toby recounted a time when the subversive Enrile, known for being a Marcos protégé and Aquino’s political foe, also took ‘refuge’ inside the office of former Senate President Jovito Salonga in the Senate building prior to his arrest by NBI’s arresting officers led by the then NBI Director Alfredo Lim. “KUNG SI SENATOR JUAN PONCE ENRILE AY INARESTO SA LOOB NG SENADO, BAKIT HINDI PWEDENG GAWIN KAY ANTONIO TRILLANES????” Toby said in his post.
Toby Jamilla / Photo from Facebook He also integrated in his post, the entire news article of Enrile’s ‘surprise’ arrest courtesy of Los Angeles Times (LA Times) issued February 28, 1990 which outlines the rationale leading to his arrest which stemmed from incarcerating Cory Aquino’s prominent husband, the late Ninoy Aquino Jr for almost 8 years in the 1970’s. Enrile was charged with coup attempts with the aim to topple the Aquino government, including harboring rebel leaders during the height of the coup. He delineated his arrest as a ‘blow against freedom and democracy’ cautioning Aquino will eventually have to “answer to God and history”. "I really hope that history will remember that there was one soul who lit a candle of freedom and hoped it would flicker. And that one soul is named Juan Ponce Enrile,” the article wrote. "They are giving me a rare opportunity to bring to public attention the corruption, the oppression and the lack of justice in our lives," Enrile said.
Juan Ponce Enrile / Photo from Here is the excerpt of the issue that persisted in the article written by Bob Drogin, an LA Times Staff writer: “Others charged were retired Brig. Gen. Felix Brawner and retired Lt. Col. Billy Bibit, who the government alleges were key coup leaders. Charges were also filed against a Manila hotel owner, Rebecco Panlilio, and his wife, Erlinda. Prosecutors said they provided food for a party that Enrile threw for Honasan and 100 armed rebel troops during the first night's fighting. A 25-page court document filed with the charges alleges that Enrile also met with coup leaders at the Hotel Inter-Continental in Makati while rebel troops were occupying the swanky financial district of the capital. At a press conference, senior state prosecutor Aurelio G. Trampe said Enrile is considered a "participant" rather than a coup sponsor. "We charge conspiracy," Trampe said. "When there is a conspiracy, the act of one is the act of all. The guilt of one is the guilt of all in this conspiracy."
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV / Photo from Manila Bulletin Under that theory, Enrile is charged with murder in the death of Rolando Estrada, who died when a rebel T-28 "Tora-Tora" plane tried to bomb the government-run Channel 4 television complex in suburban Quezon City and instead hit several houses. Four other people were wounded in the blast. Justice Secretary Franklin Drillon said prosecutors recommended against granting bail, but a department spokesman said later that a judge could overrule the recommendation when Enrile is arraigned. No date was set. Aquino issued no comment, but her spokesman, Tomas Gomez, praised the prosecutors' action. “WHAT WE ARE WITNESSING TODAY IS THE EFFECTIVE OPERATION OF OUR CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM UNDER A CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY," Gomez said. "CRIMES HAVE BEEN COMMITTED, CRIMINALS HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED, AND THEREFORE, CASES HAVE TO BE FILED. Meanwhile, Toby’s post quickly gained ample amount of feedback from other Netizens with one by the name of Ey La A Lcontin commented, “Hulihin na. Kung pwede nung time ni cory, pwede din dapat ngayon.”
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  1. Mabuti Rin na GANYAN para malaman NG taombayan Ang mga kulay dilawan SA loob NG senado.
    Ngayon Hindi na ako magtataka na si mr. Sotto ay walang bayag yan.