Tignan: Trillanes nag pose para sa Mugshots

Representative Antonio Trillanes, who was prior issued a warrant of capture by the Makati RTC, and was thus captured by the AFP after the session in the Senate, is presently reserved for resistance by the Makati PNP. Equity Served Makati RTC branch 150 under the sala of Judge Leo Alameda prior issued a warrant of capture for Senator Antonio Trillanes. This is regarding President Duterte's declaration 572, which voids and invalidates the pardon given to the previous dissident trooper. In light of the benefits of the case, the judge maintained the DOJ's ask for the warrant, refering to that the invalidation of the pardon will likewise invalidate the expulsion of the body of evidence against Trillanes last 2011. His insubordination case was rejected inferable from the way that he was given reprieve. Trillanes Presscon Prior to his capture, Trillanes, as what he generally do, addressed the media in a press preparation inside the Senate. He said that he is currently prepared to be captured since he will post safeguard a short time later. He told the media that vote based system was crushed today. He additionally focused on that this mishap is simply transitory and that Duterte is unmistakably tossing his weight around to any individual who restricts him. Mugshots
After Trillanes was captured before for his disobedience case and the dropping of his acquittal, he experienced booking systems at the Makati PNP station, where he was fingerprinted, and mugshots were taken for police records. Netizens React There are blended responses from the netizens. Expectedly, the yellows are irate over his capture and have praised Trillanes for his grit on the issue. In any case, on the flipside, there are additionally numerous netizens who surmise that Trillanes had the right to be imprisoned for his wrongdoings.
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