Agot Isidro Hits Again The Philippine Govt On Her Twiiter Post

The Filipina actress Agot Isidro have slammed and criticized the local government again in her newest post on her Twitter account. Agot Isidro is a Filipina actress, recording artist, and model who has been featured in numerous television shows and movie projects. She has been also awarded for her impressive skills as an actress in the Philippine showbiz. Aside from being a popular celebrity and TV personality, Isidro was also known for being one of the most vocal critics of President Rodrigo Duterte through posting his criticisms and opposition on the current administration. he actress also revealed that she opposed the anti-illegal drug campaign of President Duterte amid Extrajudicial Killing (EJK). She was also opposing the other decisions of the president and posting it in the social media. Recently, the 51-year-old celebrity hits again the Philippine government on her latest post in Twitter citing Howard Zinn’s remark about “Patriotism”. Here is the post:
“PATRIOTISM – is not obedience to government. Patriotism is obedience to the principles for which government is supposed to stand.” Isidro’s post garnered different reactions from the netizens saying: Madel de Leon: “Truth. You should never obey lies. If the government is not operating right for the people, its up to the people to protest” Cis: “I am going to share this everywhere … thanks mam” Mariajuno0621: “Hindi klaro sa mga ka DDS. Ang klaro sa kanila ang mga sinasabi nila Nieto, Mocha at Sass.” Dex Panganiban: “But you cannot run a government with principles alone You need to have strong will & conviction Besides principles are deemed malleable” Loidita: “unfortunately, sarado isip ng mga fanatics. and most especially, the paid trolls & propagandists”
Agot Isidro Hits Again The Philippine Govt On Her Twiiter Post Agot Isidro Hits Again The Philippine Govt On Her Twiiter Post Reviewed by Trending Daily on October 24, 2017 Rating: 5

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