US based blogger: "What we have are rascals, not opposition"

In Jamora's remark, he said that in the battle between the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte and the individuals and supporters of the Liberal Party, there is no “opposition”, he asserts. He says that this restriction are ‘rascals’. He additionally guarantees that the resistance isn't bringing anything positive into the nation. Despite what might be expected, he says that their solitary objective is to cut down the president whom he says is “legitimately elected.” He adds affront to the general population who are considered to be the resistance in the Philippines, saying that the individuals who bring bulletins, or consume models or paint open dividers are not the individuals who advantage the nation. He says that if the restriction is the same with that of Canada, Jamora says that individuals like Risa, Bam, Manny, Nancy, among other would not exist. "IN TRUTH, WE DON'T HAVE AN OPPOSITION Yes, we don't have an opposition. What we have are rascals! They're mean! evil! rogue! monsters! traitors! fakers! hoarders, drug lord sympathizers, destabilizers! Illiterate mathematicians! Cowards hiding between the walls in the Senate! They're not really helping the masses or our country! To have an opposition whose goal is to simply bring down a legitimately elected President is not opposition! They're all a bunch of retarded monkeys wanting to run the country! The genuine opposition I had in mind is the kind I see at the Parliament in Canada where they juice each others brains out on a project or on a law that's about to be enacted. That's the type of opposition I want to see for our country. Not the placards with zero wit and meaningless lines! Not the effigy burning jack asses! Or creatures painting public walls kundi tagisan nang mga talino for the benefit of our country! This type of opposition brings out the best in everybody in that hall! That's when politics mature. We won't see the likes of Risa, Bam, Manny, Nancy and the rest because they won't survive in the Question and Answer hour! That's Federal Parliamentary, folks! Tse!" Source: Edwin Jamora | Facebook
US based blogger: "What we have are rascals, not opposition" US based blogger: "What we have are rascals, not opposition" Reviewed by Trending Daily on September 28, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. US based blogger? Pinoy din yan and is a pd troll so what he/she says is not his/her own but what was planted in his/mind by their handler.

  2. Hoodlums disguised as politicians


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