Constructions workers discovered a safe filled with money and gold bars

Discovering a hidden treasure is like winning the grand jackpot in the lottery. However, there are far more chances to be struck with lightning instead of stumbling upon great fortune. No wonder these construction workers experienced the happiest day of their lives at work when they discovered a safe filled with gold bars and money.

In the viral video, the three excited men carried the heavy safe and pulled out their sledgehammer. Of course, they had to know if it contained a valuable thing inside. Despite the powerful smashes, no dent was formed on the safe’s surface.

Since the hammer didn’t work, they opted to use a much powerful device. Out of pure excitement, the worker’s hand trembled so he couldn’t keep the drilling stable. Much to their disappointment, even the drill was of no match to the safe.

Their attempt to open the mysterious container did not simply end there. The workers moved on to using the blowtorch. They even got their hopes up since it looked like they made a damage but they were totally wrong.

Just like their previous attempts, it miserably failed. This time, they brought out the most powerful tool they have.

The huge machine finally managed to drill the top part of the safe. It gave way for a small hole to appear. With the help of a crowbar, they created a very large gap where their hands would fit.

After all the failed attempts, they finally discovered the contents of the safe. At first, a hat and some documents came out of it. The next stuff the construction workers fished out really surprised them. Underneath all that stuff were bundles of cash. At this moment, luck poured over them especially when they discovered three gold bars! Definitely, it was the luckiest day of their lives.

As much as how amazing it is to watch these construction workers find the answer to their financial woes, the whole clip is anything but real. In fact, it’s from a scene in the recent movie “King of Thieves” starring Michael Caine, Charlie Cox, and Michael Gambon.

Nevertheless seeing the smiles in the film characters’ faces as they hit the jackpot kept us all in awe. This leaves us wondering, what would you do if the same thing happened to you in real life? Let us know in the comments!

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